Did you know?

Super Samples

Travel Sample Packs

Did you know many of your favorite SkinMedix products are available in travel and sample sizes? Here is our list of reasons why you should consider trying the mini version of our high-end products!

1. Try Before You Buy

  • SkinMedix samples packs are the best way to discover new skin care and beauty products. Sample top products from high-end brands, so you know what you’re getting before you splurge on the big bottle. It’s the smart way to try and buy new products!

2. Travel Light

  • Your travel kit is an important part of your time away from home. Taking along brands you can trust can make all the difference. Buy your favorite products in travel size so you really can take your favorite skin care and cosmetic products with you, wherever you go.

3. So Fresh

  • Smaller packages means less product is exposed to the air at any one time. This is important in maintaining freshness, especially in products containing antioxidants.

4. Save Money

  • In some instances, our product sample packs can save you big bucks when compared to buying the full size bottle. Do the math! Here’s an example: A pack of 5 iS Clinical Active Serum samples at 0.125 oz each is a total of 0.625 oz for $26! The 0.5 oz full size bottle is $54 – that’s an over 50% savings!

Want to try a new product? Check out our full list of available sample and travel size products. Already have a favorite? Visit SkinMedix.com and type your favorite product into the Search box at the top to see if your favorite product is available in Travel Size Packs today!

Click on the product links below or visit SkinMedix.com to try these and other Travel Sample Packs available at SkinMedix.com!


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